Touching One Another- Great or Small

“People you meet and places you go” are traditional old topics for consideration in conversations about travelling, cultures and societal structures. I am always surprised by the coincidences that create unusual situations for most anyone attending a public venue that may or may not result in interesting outcomes. The intermingling of the indeterminate human factor on planet Earth leaves us opportunities formed from touching one another- great or small. Elimination of the capabilities for transportation, marketplace exchanges of most types and autonomous societal mobility could cause a wide dearth of possibility for human enrichment in our own lives.

As an author, I do not have delusions about my name fame spreading unusually and inappropriately for my works. On the other hand, I like to meet people and talk to people that I get to know a bit better about my books and on-line work a bit. I have passed out copies of my books (when I had copies available to give) most places I stopped and travelled. This gives me a chance to spread the word about work I have for sale at or available elsewhere to read, but this type of groundwork in public also provides me with exposure to different people that all give me some pause for thought.

When communities are local and most people in an area are familiar with one another, it can be extremely difficult for someone coming from an external environment to walk around and interact comfortably with the established public and social arenas. I have spent quite a bit of my life, off and on, in parts of the Southern U.S. In the South around here, most people are more inclusive of others in allowing friendliness in their responses to interactions after someone has established a life in a community area or arena and after that person has been around long enough to become familiar in some ways to others. I like having a home of my own that lasts as a comfortable home for that reason.

There is usually something special about the reasons we chose that we like our homes and the surrounding communities; some people have more comfort in those choices once they have made them than others and some people will continue to chose further homes and situations until they are happier. Autonomous societal mobility opportunities allow citizens of this nation to try to determine the best choices possible for themselves to reside in regions and communities where personal happiness flourishes best individually.

Some of us always hope that we will meet more people, either in our own surroundings or as we travel. I am a writer, not a people person- but I get along with people and I like meeting people that I can get to know better than just “heys” and “goodbyes”. Due to the indeterminate human factor of synergies and coincidences connected through our realized opportunities to touch one another, life continues to be a place where the great and small “people” moments count.

-Kimberly A. McKenzie