The Magic of Lipstick

There are some things that females enjoy that not all males do. Males use lipstick as well without the prejudice that used to exist in alternate uses of lipstick applications.

One of the traditional female representative hallmarks that lasted over time is the magic of Lipstick. In our time, not only females use lipstick. Lipstick draws attention to the mouth. When attention is drawn to a mouth, usually a mouth is sexier than it would have been. On the other hand, lipstick can make a mouth more honest. Ugly and beautiful are both created in the magic of lipstick. This does not change the honesty of a mouth.

Lips without lipstick do not draw as much attention. On the other hand, lipstick can enhance the honesty of a mouth once the lips move. Classically, over time, beautiful lipstick has been portrayed on a closed mouth so that the lips are showcased. When lipstick is not used, our mouths are just seen as they are. With the application of lipstick, a fascination begins to take hold even if a mouth is beautiful or ugly.

Without lipstick our mouths are just what they are naturally and usually they do not draw more attention than people will naturally pay to a mouth. When the magic of lipstick is applied a mouth will be seen sooner, and lips will appear more appropriate, than on a mouth without lipstick. Some people do not choose to use lipstick at all. Others use it religiously. I am someone that believes in old- fashioned honesty that age adds privilege over lipstick use. In youth, young lips are plumper, fuller, and less likely to dry out. Lipstick can be used to restore comfort from some of the difficulties of age for older lips.

Although not everyone uses lipstick, people that do can find a strange fondness of attachment to lipstick that causes somewhat of a naked feeling when regular lipstick use ceases. Lipstick can almost be viewed as a form of clothing for the face- like any type of makeup. On the other hand, lipstick has unique qualities and can be used with or without other makeup.

Not all cultures have always included lipstick use, but most cultures at some point in time have added some form of lip and mouth decoration. Part of the magic of lipstick is that cultural use is not so much attached to the value and reasons for lipstick in most people. Choices about lipstick use are personal, even though lipstick use is influenced by trends and social etiquettes. Since lipsticks come in all types of colors, flavors, and with different properties to enhance lips using lipsticks can be fun. Some people take lipstick use more seriously than others.

Lipstick has lasted. The magic of lipstick will never disappear. Whether lipstick supplies are plentiful or limited, we will never forget why lipstick is lipstick and people that choose to use their lipsticks will always be capable of enjoying the benefits provided in lipstick magic.


“Social Justice and Legal Action”

In the United States society has a set of complicated laws. Sometimes, legal action according to law has a social decision element that impedes the human honesty about a more humane and just decision in legal action. It is my belief that social justice should not use law as a vehicle to attain its ends. The idea of a fair trial by jury is based on giving a hearing to every case that will not bow down to the social justice decisions inherent in individual opinion. In our culture, media plays hard on outcomes for others that mean something to a larger population. This is actually a myth in most cases. Truly, legal outcomes in law are for plaintiffs and defendants and do not realistically associate a benefit beyond the decisions in the outcome that affect both. This does not mean that social justice advocates in their own arenas for their own points of view do not use these personal outcomes to leverage benefit for their causes.

As long as this phenomena in our society does not impede the fair outcomes for personal results and does not affect more humane treatment of parties, guilty or innocent, involved, I do not have issue with social results from the law. This does not mean that one case or several cannot be used to decide broader legal guidelines and decisions that affect society. In higher court levels of law, this means a representative sample of real answers that can be examined for realistic input against law only.

We need, as a people, to understand that there is a difference between effecting social change by laws and using personal situations and legal outcomes to point to social justice victories and losses. Also, prosecuting on a personal level for social justice reasons is not a viable legal action decision in any arena that maintains humane viability for the citizens residing under the trust of our laws.

Social justice can cause change. Change by social justice is not predicated on legal claims with any standing except that higher-level laws incorporated a social need.