Emptiness and Life

So many people struggle with depression. According to “Uplift Program” the percentage of serious depressive disorders in the United States only affects 9.5% of our Country’s population, but that is equal to 18.8 million individuals. It is commonly stated that “everyone” will at some point in life suffer from depression. I do not know if this is true, but my own experiences with serious depression have led me to understand that depression is a condition that can be life threatening and a condition that can be relieved.

There are many “How To’s” for self-help in depression and there are doctors that work hard to help patients with serious clinical symptoms. Depression can be debilitating because it starts with a deep sadness and changes to an emptiness that has no explanation in the realities of day-to-day life. I know. I have been there. “Curing” depression is the myth. Finding a way out of it is possible. Learning to live with depression is difficult on an individual level and debilitating to others that live with those suffering from depression. It can be done and there is no “one path” forward for anyone.

Respect for individual life, thought, and decisions are key for those helping someone with serious depression. While these honesties from others will not “cure” depression in someone, they protect a depressed state of mind from becoming worse when others acknowledge these truths are viable even for those suffering depression episodes. Some depression stems from situations in life, some depression orients from personalities prone to a depressed state of mind, and some depression is literally unexplained by any “causal” factor. This is why not all “cures” can help all people in the same way.

As someone that has suffered from depression in a clinical way in life before, and as a person that has won in her battles against suicide, I can only relate what I know about the issues in depression “up close and personal”. For me, I had to find the strength to overcome situations in life and find my own stability in my own values. I learned that “put one foot in front of the other” is some days not the wrong advice. When there is emptiness in me I “do it anyway”…this usually brings back the reality that life needs my efforts.

I truly believe that everyone should find their own true beliefs and the things that work well in life for them. No one can “invent” or give answers for others that work as well as the mentalities and life-styles that someone finds keep them best on his or her own personal level. This does not mean that others cannot help. It just means that I have never found that an answer from others is going to prevent depression.

When I was young “The Facts of Life” was a sitcom with a theme song: “You take the good; you take the bad. You take them both and there you have the facts of life.” Love life.


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