Living With Our Ghosts

I have published a story in the anthology “Haunted Tales” by Samie Sands at:

It is a compilation of supernatural stories about encounters with the unknown “ghosts” in our world. While we shiver and spook over tales about the unseen and unnatural; we forget to live with our ghosts. Many times, ghosts are simply memories: energies that we remember tied to objects or places, not actual entities working maliciously in their own will against humankind. The living are catalysts for these “memories” that are in fact not embodied spirits of an ethereal nature. There are some instances for believing actual spirits of humans are “trapped” tied to the Earth in some ways and some churches believe that this could be part of a “purgatorial” divine decision. In the real world, I believe we pay too much attention to our “ghosts”. God has reasons that the spiritual realm is composed of differing answers. We should not be afraid of our “ghosts” and we should not deny there are such things. On the other hand, our concern is with the living and life as we are created to live it, and while our “ghosts” may touch our lives, perhaps we should just find acceptance in us of these answers when they occur and give them less importance in our daily living. This does not mean that we should deny our memories or refuse supernatural encounters that do occur in life with a stubbornness that does not admit that they have a reality on the planet.

Scientific inquiry has tried to quantify, control, and understand such phenomena. Unfortunately, this was never meant- in my opinion- to be the provenance of the dominion of man. A book falls off the shelf with no prompting and a scientist will discover why. I feel the best approach is to replace the book back to the shelf and not worry so much about it. It concerns me that we have not learned to accept the world without over analyzing and questioning. Not that analysis and questioning are not valid pursuits with a purpose, but that we have decided not to live with the world created. To better the situation of mankind, we seek answers to solve our problems. This is a good thing, but we create problems as well.

As a fiction writer, I find that elements of life are reflected in fiction and that “ghosts” (regardless of explanation) are part of life. Some critics have said that fiction writing is to no purpose other than children who wish to pretend. I disagree. Fiction opens up ideas for thought, communication about these ideas, and a way to explore “other” in life without having to walk through the actual events and consequences. Ghost stories are no different. I believe, in fiction, that such stories bear consideration. We should not be afraid of the ideas on the printed page, although we scare ourselves. On the other hand, the living need the living, and the dead are the dead.





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