Predestination can be defined as knowing where you are going to arrive and, at times, when you are going to arrive at the chosen location. Pre-determination is another set of definitions all together. Whereas predestination is a plan…pre-determination is a choice decided before the time to make it.

A child, in some societies, is chosen for certain innate capabilities to learn certain trades or subjects and raised, pre-determined, as a gymnast, doctor, or street worker, etc. This is an example of pre-determination. A theatre ticket can be purchased at the movie theatre for a movie chosen before someone arrives at the theatre. This is another example of pre-determination, not predestination. Knowing, when travelling, where to go and how to get there, (provided maps or GPS coordinates), may seem like pre-determination. There are no choices involved except destination and route (which affects arrival time) so a planned trip would actually fall under the definition of predestination.

Explorers do not like the idea of predestination. Traveling roads and highways, any which way, just to see what is out there with no goal in mind is something my father used to do in the car with our family every Sunday afternoon. I would be scared we would run out of gas or that the car would break down, but we always arrived safely back at home. I do not travel often without a plan and destination in mind as an adult. This does not mean, when I take a vacation, that I plan all my events and activities out ahead of time. Usually, I prefer to arrive safely where I am going and then determine what each day will hold as each day comes.

People are different. Some people schedule their days, other people never will. Some people plan vacations and surprise parties, other people like spontaneous celebrations and spur of the moment trips. These differences should be appreciated. Compatibilities should be considered before asking people to live, work, or play together.

There is an illness that causes people to be afraid of situations where they do not know what will happen and exactly how it will happen. Pre-determination allays these fears of insecurity. This type of illness usually causes immobility in any unfamiliar situation. Foreknowledge alleviates the discomfort caused by the extreme need to have a situation under complete control ahead of time.

There is a human spirit where there is free will. Our belief systems are built around these principles. If we know, we can plan. If we plan, we feel better about what we do not know. The questions I ask are not “Who has determined?” or “Who has planned?” Instead I ask human questions: “Where are my choices?” and “Do I know enough to make them?” Not one soul on the Earth is in control of every permutation, event, and decision. If we plan to travel together, it is my hope that we learn to adapt to our freedoms to choose without demanding a common route demands pre-determined decisions.






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