In Response “When Will I Be Loved?”

“When Will I Be Loved?” Never. “Being loved” negates the process of loving one another. Love is a two-way path not working in one direction. “Being loved” is not possible without loving in return. It is not a question of “Am I loved?” but a truth of loving one another.

Fine years of marriage and a divorce taught me that love without being loved in return has no hope for love in either party to survive. The actuality is that love is reciprocal. Hard reality has taught me that to love in the face of not “being loved” only causes hardship, anger, and loss of life. This is evident on a larger scale in regions such as Israel and the Middle East.

We can pretend. Civilization demands certain obedience to conduct and manners that gloss over our true feelings in the matter when dealing with other people. This preserves peace.

When I was twelve and thirteen, I prayed every night for the same boy in my classes in Junior High to love me and notice me. He never did. We cannot make someone love us. This is not an excuse for never loving someone other than our selves. Life has taught me a few lessons:

  1. Do not be afraid to love others.
  2. Do not continue to love when you are not loved.
  3. Do understand that human love is not perfect and that we must work at love.

I see that I can involve myself in the process of loving one another and find love.

Being famous and in the public eye does not change this. There are people who hate and people who love. The whole world never loved anyone and never will. We lift up people that care about what we care about and follow those that give us reasons, whatever those reasons may be, to pay attention.

“When will I be loved?” is a question that cries out for help. It states that there is not enough love from others to sustain the love we give. It is unfair to demand that all the love we need is provided from one other person. In our honest human nature, we do not always love one another and we need the love of others to keep our love together.

I have found it harsh that we segregate and talk about those we may or may not love when we love certain others. I do understand, in my own nature, that there are exclusive types of love (such as husband and wife) that preclude others having the same relationship. “When will I be loved?” is sometimes a question of individual loves and at other times a question of a broader nature asking for people to understand a need for us all to be together. I will never “be loved”…but I do intend to love and care and make a difference- as long as hatred is not all I find in return.


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