Running Away

Complete freedom is completely irresponsible. The dream of complete freedom is an illusion. I value my freedoms: the choices still available, responsible or not, that I am free to make without hindrance. Some would argue that if my choices are “wrong” or more irresponsible than responsible, I should not be allowed these freedoms as they must be supported by some sort of answer that allows the irresponsibility. I disagree. In an adult world, some would argue that we pay our own prices for our own decisions and that when we do not pay prices others must pay for us. I disagree again. There is not always a “price tag” on every freedom.  I may walk on the left hand side of the street or the right hand side of the street with no repercussions whatsoever. This does not mean I cannot be called out by a policeman for jaywalking in a heavily trafficked area and be asked to pay a fine. However, I might jaywalk in such an area and come across unscathed with no traffic problems resulting and no policeman writing me a ticket because I was not seen. There are good reasons for laws. We need to live together- space is not unlimited. Laws create the best possible environment, taking the environment into account, for all those in the environment to co-exist with the greatest amount of freedoms left to them on both personal and societal levels.  There are vast differences between societal, personal, and basic humanitarian rights. To live more free is to achieve levels of choice in all three areas.

Unfortunately, the idea that we should enjoy more freedom usually leads to some form of running away.  I know, from my own experiences in life, that running away does not result in freedom. In fact, it usually worsens an already restricted situation and causes a need for too much of a price tag to regain freedoms. When we find ourselves needing other choices, different responsibilities, and new environments it is necessary to affect changes instead of abandoning all we have in the present situation to chase a dream of illusion where freedom is found. This is not easy and at times can seem impossible when faced with limited resources.  Human kindness, social recourse and economic viability are all necessary elements in achieving and maintaining our precious freedoms on all levels. Complete freedom demands no ties, no commitments, no necessities to take care of, and no loyalties. However, choices come with a capability and a willingness to establish ties, make commitments, attend to necessities, and form our loyalties. We cannot obtain freedom by running away. We can run away from losing our freedoms.

The “Star Spangled Banner” declares the United States the “land of the free” and the “home of the brave”. The two ideas must go hand in hand. I believe in keeping our freedoms. I have tried running away. Our dream in this nation is alive because we have choices- whatever we decide to choose.



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