Educated Beliefs

Knowledge is a powerful tool. Wisdom, truth and honor cannot be taught and belief, faith, and hope cannot be educated. We place a large value on higher education and letters behind names that prove teachings have created minds worthy of understanding. This price tag often does not repay us in kind for the investments made to improve ourselves. In a society of knowledge and information, things that cannot be taught are often produced through answers that cannot be educated. We need to rethink our ideas of valuing learned thought over answers that may become vital and valid through other means.

In my life, I have met those who hold higher educated knowledge and people of much less education with the value of common sense that prevails. I hold a degree at the Bachelor’s level and I would never maintain that higher education does not teach valuable answers. However, I have found across my life that beliefs are born out of our own experiences, not out of our knowledge basis, and we find faith and hope is not something we can learn due to facts and figures. Rather, both faith and hope can be eradicated of we cling to only the reality of the proven answers.

I have met those who would contest that knowledge is our basis for an adult understanding of reality. Let me offer an example of how knowledge can work with belief, faith and hope to create our reality:

I intend to move a mountain. In an educated arena, once upon a time, schooled thought would say this is impossible. Let us say my belief in the impossibility led to my work to develop tools and methods to move the mountain. With these tools and methods, there were those who laughed and did not believe I could move a mountain. My faith in my inventions of tools and methods moved me to use them to attempt the feat of mountain moving. Hope was in me that if I did not give up this could be accomplished. I eventually moved the mountain using the tools and methods I developed.

Many scoffed and laughed at Galileo. He was eventually proven correct on many schools of thought.  We often find our answers for ourselves through means that are not lifted up by others as knowledge that is taught and passed on.  This does not mean that knowledge basis for understanding is wrong, but we must not learn past our capability to still maintain and uphold our beliefs.

When education meets skill capability, we understand someone is exceptional. Our fault in demanding education recognizes the answers that are valuable and necessary to furthering our decisions is sometimes detrimental to the possibilities that exist for an enlightened future.  In a world where knowledge and information is sacred, we need to widen the scope to include understanding and vision that may not be found in places where what we know is the definition of how the world is and will continue to be.





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