Thanksgiving and Underwear

This is a true story re-told with permission. My mother lost her underwear in Wal Mart.  The underwear had, unbeknownst to her, stuck in the leg of her blue jeans when she pulled them out of the dryer. She took a morning trip to Wal Mart to buy food to prepare for Thanksgiving dinner and walked unsuspectingly down the dog food aisle. The underwear dropped out of her blue jeans and she did not notice. A kind woman behind her saw the underwear lying on the floor and immediately got my mother’s attention and asked if the underwear belonged to her. My mother thanked her, scooped up the underwear, and put the offending panties in her purse. I was on the phone with my mother at the time and she explained that she would call me later to explain.

I am thankful for my mother. I am thankful for Thanksgiving dinner. I am also thankful for kind strangers who will assist others.  As the Holiday Season starts, tempers flare up, people become rude, and little annoyances start to irritate even the most patient people.  This is a Season of thanksgiving. It seems to me it is better to remember we would have a lot less to be thankful for without others than to decide to avoid public shopping, complain about Christmas parties, and worry over spending time with family and friends.  Our underwear is showing if we cannot embrace the Holiday Spirit as well as the Holiday Season.

If my underwear shows, I am always thankful for polite, kind, and honest people who will be politic and let me know. Then I can stop showing what people do not need to see to everyone who becomes embarrassed. This is not to say that at times I do not deliberately irritate others by some of my words or behaviors for my own reasons. We do not all agree on proper etiquette and appropriate measures, but in a world where we rub shoulders and talk to strangers every day, mutual respect and kindness goes a long way toward avoiding unpleasant scenes.

We should all pick up someone else’s underwear once in awhile. It would remind us to be thankful that our own is firmly in place. This Holiday Season, remembering what I am thankful for is the beginning of the magic that comes for an entire month once a year. When the New Year rolls around, I will have new stories, new ideas, and new paths to follow in the year ahead. There will be times for disagreements and arguments and opposing views. For now, Thanksgiving is upon us and I intend to do my best to find the Holiday Spirit.  My mother finished her shopping trip. I will be eating Thanksgiving dinner. Do not give up. Remember that the world could do better with a few good deeds. It is the Season to give, receive and welcome each other with more warmth in appreciation of our own human nature. Happy Thanksgiving.




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