I am worried. There are reasons. I have a Bipolar Type II diagnosed disorder. I also am a single, white female on her own. Over the last year these events have happened: 1) I have had my car key and telephone equipment stolen at work (a job I have left) 2) I have received abortion hate mail for an incident that happened five years ago 3) I have been a victim of job scamming reporting to 1099 tax forms as I searched for further employment 4) my recycle bin has been searched, unashamedly, with the bin left open and my personal paper trash piled in the street 5) I have received phone calls from harassing people from numbers that are not consistent with differing area codes with the same messages “Kimberly, how are you this morning” (starting with a few sales calls for “lotteries” that I would not participate in and ending with a caller who will not quit even though I have blocked calls through Verizon)

I cannot legally have a handgun due to my Bipolar disorder and I would not wish to. I cannot say these problems are from the same source. In fact, I think it is probable that they are separate problems. I cannot find protection and help. No one will answer my inquiries.

I filed a complaint at work over the car key incident and there was not a follow up beyond the notification. I e-mailed the Better Business Bureau over the job scam with e-mails attached for proof and have not been contacted. I notified the police department in Charleston about my recycle bin and I know that an over staffed, over worked police department did not see this as a priority.  My own mother has asked if I am making sense. She thinks these problems are unlikely of any serious nature.

This is not paranoia. This is a chain of events without resolution in these single occurrences.  I am not a mentally ill “conspiracy theory” type. These incidents have added up to hatred in several arenas and I am wondering if they go beyond the nuisance factor how I am going to protect myself. This is my problem. There are no resources available to investigate. There is a predisposition to not listen to someone who attends a psychiatric session once every two or three months and there is no sympathy for someone who is not living in the problematic arenas where “real” crime is life and death.

These incidents have been real. There has been no harm to my personal self or my pets. I do not find “peace of mind” possible in a world where incidents can and will be explained away as “nonsense” because we would prefer not to talk about unpleasantness that we do not wish to acknowledge. Life is not easy for single women on their own. Without recourse to solutions, (I have found most people prefer excuses), we cannot maintain a viable society of safety and security.


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