Darkness In The Light

In 1989 George H. W. Bush in his inaugural address called on the “thousand points of light”. On July 5, 2011 the metal core band “Unearth” released their fifth studio album “Darkness In The Light”.  While these two events are widely dissimilar and unrelated, they speak of our time with eloquence. Our nation’s lights are tinged with darkness and we are trying to see in the night.

We are facing choices for a better tomorrow that we cannot have without maintaining today. Looking toward our future we are asking questions we cannot answer because the pathway forward is not visible past the shadows that surround us. A “thousand points of light” will not help illuminate what is up ahead unless the lights are gathered together so that we may see more clearly.

There is  “darkness in the light”. We are divided in our answers so deeply that what we see is only our own pool of pale sun.  If we cannot join our candles and see our way, there will undoubtedly be decisions made to travel separate directions and the visions of our people and our forefathers will only be the realization left for a few who find their way through on the strength of their own understanding.

Desert Storm began on August 2, 1990. The Iraq War began on March 20, 2003. The current shutdown of the United States government occurred in October of 2013.  For so long, the United States of America has stood as a light for other nations. We have protected and served the global community as a stronger people with a greater purpose. Now, we must find that strength and purpose for ourselves. Our people are still here; our land still stands; but the darkness in our light will not dissipate unless we come together.

In a time when we are struggling with our leaders, it is not a time to be followers. We must, instead, walk side by side so that each and every candle shows what is ahead. Our differences in a multi-cultural, value driven, freedom-preserving society are not issues to be debated and torn apart over. These differences are the fundamental foundation for shedding individual “points of light” on separate pieces of our future. If we stand shoulder to shoulder, united in keeping today working together for the future, we will see the complete vision that the joining of our lights reveals.

In every community there is a neighborhood and in every neighborhood there are families. In every family there are individuals who may or may not agree. Now is not a time to debate our beliefs. Now is a time to realize that we are all part of a family, a neighborhood, and a community that needs to support, sustain, and maintain today for our future. The “darkness in our light” can spread to complete night if we abandon one another in our search for our way forward. The Beatles wrote “Come Together”. We must remain free.

Light In Darkness

Light In Darkness


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