I quit. Some people I have met see this as a form of failure, and to be truthful- it sometimes is an indication of the end of a possibility. However, there are times when quitting is beneficial. Knowing when to give up can be wisdom.  There are stubborn streaks in my nature and quitting is not easy for me in any arena.  Reasonable amounts of persuasion are necessary, for those of us with a will and drive to always succeed, to put on the brakes and turn around to head in a different direction. Perspective from those around me is not always going to steer me clear of obstacles and prevent me from mistakes. I find there are three major reasons to be a quitter:

1) Obstacles and barriers cannot be avoided or removed

2) The effort pursued has no worthy return left in the goal

3) Something else has become more important to attain

When I am faced with challenges in life, I find wisdom in looking for other ways to achieve my goal or in working through difficulties. This does not mean all obstacles can be overcome.  The unstoppable force can hit the immovable object and there will either be an explosion or an impasse at stasis.  I spent five years of married life trying to work out irreconcilable differences and found, to my surprise, that ending the marriage finally brought peace with the issues. Abusers, murderers, and haters can be created from people incapable of ever reaching agreeable terms who refuse to part ways.

Never do something for nothing. Every good charitable deed, every task I work at, every conversation I have has some sort of purpose to it. All of the reasons for doing anything are meant to produce something, some sort of actual result. If I am attempting an effort and the effort is not going to produce any results or any desirable outcome I feel the effort should cease. Instant returns are not always realistic, but there is a point where input does not follow through with achieved output. Resources are precious and personal investments of any nature should not be put forward to the point that individuals are bankrupt and nothing has been accomplished.

Usually, when I go to the grocery store I have a list of items I need: butter, bread, olive oil, etc. and sometimes I impulse buy something I want. There is a limited amount of budget to make choices on and if I have to give up olive oil for toilet paper I can use the butter to cook with.  Something on my list became more important than something else. Trying to attain more, to achieve more, and to give more takes allotting resources and making choices. Giving up on one idea or effort or endeavor to realize another goal obtained is not shameful. Quitting is sometimes a matter of priorities.

We can give everything we have to everything we do, but we have to know when to quit.






2 thoughts on “Quitters

  1. I really enjoyed reading this article. I will admit that one of the hardest things for me to do is to quit at anything. I will often spend sleepless hours working on a project to see it the end. I definitely appreciate the remarks that you have shared here. “Determination and perseverance are admirable qualities to possess. Having the stamina to not cower when defeat attempts to overtake you, but rather having the fortitude to press forward, realizing that each defeat is another stepping stone to success, helps to build a resolute character. However, even though a man may be purposeful in all that he puts his hand to do, he must be wise enough to admit and accept his limitations, and to use those limitations as tools to help him achieve his goal, and not allow them to deter him.” ~ Keith Lionel Brown

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